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Video game
Videogames are one of many passtimes.From puzzle games such as Feltri and Dr Mario to full RPG games such as Callof Duty. Video games fit all ages and have been around for longer than you might think.They come in many different ???? and sizes; we are not even talking about the games that can be weirder than the consoles themselves. Today we have amazing consoles with great processor which can give us full 3D and HD gaming. The ancestors of these video games are being forgotten and left behind.
When you say vintage bvideogames, one usually thinks about the Atari 2600., which is actually the third generation. Back in the 70's, graphics were rudimentary and some console would play only one of few designated games.Videogames only existed at your local bar or entertainment facility. The four main games were Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, ????, Pakman. There weren't many games but the prices were a steal????gamble at a nickel the game.
One year later (xxxxdate)) Magnavox released the very fist home videogame system. It was very basic, no graphic and coding to tell where to go and when to stop???.The tennis game was from a bird's eye view and the tennis court was an overlay on your TV screen. ; you would pop in a cartridge with a number ranging from 1 to 10????????? The worse parties that you do not have to stay on your side you could game your opponent side????, no score system or music, Galaga was the first game to have high scores and Atari pong was the first to have sound.



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