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     Ford Logo


Ford has been very consistent with its logo since the 1920's.There have been many different logos Ford has used to market the brand. A logo is considered stong if you can recognize it without the name.


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Ford Motor Company Logo 1903

In 1912, the Ford logo made a complete change over to a very progressive crisp oval design, close to the 2000's logo.

1912 Ford Motor Company Oval Logo

The legendary Blue Oval Ford logo came as early as 1928. It set the basic elements (shape and color) of all future Ford logos. It lasted until 1960.

1928 Ford Motor Company Blue Oval Logo

This next blue oval Ford logo was released in 1961 and used throughout the years leading up to the Centennial logo (2003). It was basically a longer, shorter version of the logo from 1928.

logo ford motor company 1961

This last logo is the blue oval that Ford released in 2003 in honor of the 100 years Ford Motor Company anniversary. It was named the "Centennial Blue Oval".

2003 Ford Motor Company Centennial Blue Oval




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