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BMW 30 CSL 2285031

BMW 30 csl 2285031

Below: bumper being repaired at Munich Legend in 07/2014.

BMW 30 csl 2285031

Below: photos from 2013

BMW 30 csl 2285031 BMW 30 csl 2285031 BMW 30 csl 2285031 BMW 30 csl 2285031 BMW 30 csl 2285031 BMW 30 csl 2285031 BMW 30 csl 2285031

Title: EDF 800L

Mileage: 2013: 80,171 miles

Color: Verona (024)

Restored: in the late 1980's

Modifications: 5 Speed box.

To be reviewed: Slightly delaminated of windscreen.

Car for sale in 2013 at Munich Legend (UK) with the below comments:

This rare example of BMWs lightweight classic was recently re-commissioned by us. The paintwork is deep & lustrous, the bright work is in fantastic condition, the interior is un-spoilt and the engine bay is very clean & tidy. the history includes MOT certificates dating from 1985 onward to help support this.

Paint and Bodywork

The overall condition is good. The brightwork is well above average with window trim and waist mouldings also in good condition. The Verona Red paintwork is glossy and overall very good. All the panels are in fairly good condition with no major dents or scratches. The windows are overall in good condition; however, there is delamination on the front windscreen. The car still carries the original BMW roundels; some of these could do with being replaced, but this isnt necessary. The 14 wheels have been newly refurbished and are currently wearing Kumho Solus KH17 tyres. The doors and boot close well and with little difficulty.


The seats are whole and in very good condition, and there are no rips or defects. The wood dash has been professionally restored by hand by an expert cabinet maker. Door cards and vinyl trim are in excellent condition, as are the headlining and rear parcel shelf. There are no trims or other major items missing from the interior. The steering wheel is the original 3-spoke, drilled CSL wheel. The floor mats and carpets have been replaced, and are in perfect condition. The electric window motors are fairly tired and in need of some attention. The heater controls and other functions are working correctly. The boot interior is above average, with the boot floor and boot lid trim intact.

Engine Bay

The engine bay is very clean and in good condition. All the various trim items are present. The expansion tank, fan, air filter etc. are all the correct colours and specification. It has been cleaned and lightly touched up by our expert valeting team, to give a very good overall presentation.

Engine and Mechanicals

This CSL starts drives and stops well. The idle is consistent and runs at the correct revolutions. The engine pulls strongly through its up-graded 5-speed gearbox and shows no major signs of wear. The car runs consistently at the correct temperature. The wipers work well (for a CSL!) and all lights, heated screen, and internal heating systems are in working order. Our technical team have completed a Hit List, and the car will be delivered in very good running order. The suspension has been fully inspected and any elements in need of adjustment will be as part of the PDi.

The car will have new MOT and a full oil/safety inspection prior to delivery.

Transaction: 39,995 Aug 2013



  • 2013: for sale
  • First owner: dealer
  • First registration: October 20th 1971
  • Delivery: June 1971


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