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Model / Model From Frame number To Frame Comment
30 CS-L 2210***,2211*** 2212*** details 30 CS-L
30 CSI-L RHD 2285001 2285500 details 30 CSI-L
30 CSI-L LHD 2275001 2275429 details 30 CSI-L
30 CSI-L 3.2 2275430 2275539 details 30 CSI-L
30 CSI-L 3.2 4355001 4355057 details 30 CSI-L
Factory racing CSL's (numbered downwards from 2276000) 2275981 2 276 000 details race CSI-L

This page has general considerations. Specific considerations for each model are under each of the model page.

Nombre de voitures en circulation / Number of existing cars



Total production: 1265 street cars plus the race cars. 900+ CSL cars in total are now (2023) estimated to have survived

Production 2275*** serie: 539 cars

Carb survivors: 60/70?

Only 110 of the first-generation ‘Batmobiles’ were built, painted in either Chamonix (white) or Polaris (silver). The rear wing that helped to earn the car its nickname was stored in the boot to avoid flouting some European countries’ traffic laws. Estimated 60 survivors.

Information on 4355049 indicates only 4 Taiga Batmobile

Body trim: CSL stripes

Body: thiner fenders (0.7mm versus 1 mm), aluminum alloy hood/boot, trunk/bonnet, door skin, stainless wheelarch (chromed in the UK), aluminum door handles, headlight covers, and the lower windscreen frame sheetpart is weaker than normal E9. Most Stadtpakets (and also a few lightweights !) had the hood release from the inside. Some carb CSLs are badged 'CSL' and others are badged 'CS'

Rims: Alpina 7 in,

Engine: see specifics

Interior trim: Scheel bucket seats, aluminum 3 spoke steering wheel, Black roof liner, black sunvisor and sunvisor holder. Petri steering wheel (38 cm, sometimes 40 cm - Note: 35cm on 02's). Carpet should be different than on other CS coupes. It should be black perlon, not loop.

Carb version: Perspex windshield

All UK cars are fairly homogeneous due to the fact that it was a single order placed by the UK importer.

UK cars: CS/CSI front and rear bumpers, regular windows. Door aluminum skin aluminum and some steel.

Euro CSL had a lot of variations

Serie 1 versus serie 2 3.2 CSL: the presence of a middle stantion in the rear spoiler that is the dead giveaway from a distance. The Series 2 cars were given the extra upright for more support.

What is the City Package?
A City Package was offered as an option on all 3.0CSL models and fitted to the majority of right-hand drive cars sold in the UK. Designed to make the 3.0CSL more usable as a daily driver, it consisted of the following items:

-steel body panels (not included on all examples)

-power steering

-standard 3.0CS/3.0CSi chassis components (including anti-roll bars)

-standard 3.0CS/3.0CSi front and rear bumpers

-standard 3.0CS/3.0CSi windshield

-standard 3.0CS/3.0CSi side glass

-rear-window defroster

-chassis undercoating

-interior hood release

-additional sound deadening

-retractable rear side windows (power-operated)

-tool kit on inner trunk lid

-trunk lock

-velour carpeting

1972 BMW 3.0CSL Specifications


Schnitzer considerations:

the history of Schnitzer vin numbers and chassis plates is extremely complicated and years of research is still being done by the few respected historians in the subject. Sadly, all revealing the vin of these race cars the past has done, is created fakes running around claiming to be "the car" in the picture. The people who do this research have a lifetime of knowledge and work in this area and unless they are 100% certain and know the real car is established beyond doubt, they will not make any claims, both to protect the real car and deter fakers. Source PG.

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