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1972 3.0CSiL 2275009
Below: 2021

bmw 30 csl 2275009

bmw 30 csl 2275009

bmw 30 csl 2275009

bmw 30 csl 2275009

bmw 30 csl 2275009

Photo from FB Messenger Theo
bmw 30 csl 2275009
bmw 30 csl 2275009

Title: 38-83-XZ

Model code: 3431

Exterior color (paint code): Golf (070)

Factory option:



2275009 was given to race car driver John Fitzpatrick by BMW in 1972. It's referred as Werkswagen in the BMW classic certificate and sold to the Netherlands in 1973 (this is also mentioned in the certificate).

Stef van der Laan bought this CSL of Fiztpatrick because he had driven Hezemans personal car (2275101) and was very impressed. Stef van der Laan was befriended with Hezemans and spent many times with him on race circuits in those years (Theo Svan der LaanI was there as well!). In this way he came in contact with Fizpatrick teammate of Hezemans who had to sell his CSL because he signed a contract with Ford to race the 3100 RS Capri next season. Fitzpatrick drove the car on oval shaped German license plates. Stef van der Laan got the 38-83-XZ Dutch plate in 1973.

Stef van der Laan traded his CSL for a new Porsche turbo in 1975. After some unknown owners 2275009 was put up for sale by van Vliet Trucks in 1980 with minor front damage. Van Vliet traded sportscars at that period and had a lot of unpopular 70ies sportscars in his forecourt. Maserati, Lamborghini, Iso Grifo, Bizzarini, Bitter to name a few. Theo van der Laan even bought his SM there! But that was in 1986.

The present owner of 2275009 bought it in 1980 at van Vliet for a measly sum. He had it repainted and drove it a lot. But his car collecting hobby made it hard to drive all of them (He has got many BMW's and Mercedes cars). 2275009 was put in a corner only to emerge 20 years ago to give it a full restoration. The owner even went to Munich in a Renault R4 Fourgonnette to collect an original aluminium hood for silly money. But he was adament to restore this car to its former glory. And the result is 100 % in my opinion. (Steve (? Ron) Perry would disagree I know, but for me it was evidently a labour of love for this particular CSL).

Hezemans had nothing to do with this CSL only that they appeared together in a tv programme here in the Netherlands last year. 2275009 was borrowed to the programme by its 2021 owner just to jog Hezemans memory of the good old days. And during the programm he said that he was given a fat contract to race CSL's and as a bonus two yellow CSL's. 2275101 he kept for himself the other one he sold to Bert Story a main BMW dealer which car still exists [per Theo this car could be  2211718-needs to be confirmed] He also told that he experimented a lot with 2275101 and that a lot of the BAT CSL improvements were invented by him.


  1. 1980 ->2021->: current owner
  2. 1975: Steph Van der Laan (Theo's uncle)
  3. 1972: John Fitzpatrick (company car)
  4. Delivery:
  5. Production:


Thank you / Credits / Reference:

Theo Van Der Laan (FB)

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