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BMW 3.0 CS, CSL early brochure

BMW 30 csl


BMW 30 csl

Title: M AH 1076

Outside color: Golf (070) and Inka (022)

History: Most of the carbs were, most likely, equipped (from factory) with the black Alpina steering wheel. At least up to VIN 2212442.

The sales brochure above, shows two different carb CSLs (Inka (022) M-SE 1836M-SE 1836 a Golf (070) M-AH 1076). The interior-shot is from the Inka (022). But the wheel-photo is from Jochen Neerpash's "Dienst Wagen/company car" in Golf (070). Both cars are carb CSLs and have the black Alpina steering wheel. The Golf has the "normal" Alpina 7x14 rims.

However, in the earlier CSL sales Brochure, where only one car appear (the Inka (022) M-SE 1836), there is another steering wheel on the interior-photo. Namely, a non Alpina one in black satin with three holes (instead of two for the Alpina one). The rims, on that Inka (022), are the earlier Alpina split ones in black.

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