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Nintendo NES


First NES was sold from 1983 to 2003. NES stands for Nitendo Entertainement System.

Nintendo Entertainment System/ Famicom



The Nintendo entertainment system was Nintendo’s first big hit video game console.  The NES; Nintendo Entertainment System first released on July 15, 1983.  In Japan the NES was not called Nintendo Entertainment System but the Famicom, which meant family computer.  Instead of being the grey and white console we know it was red and white with controllers that were not detachable.  Next came North America, the NES was released on October 18, 1985.  Europe released the console September 1, 1986 and 1987 for Australia.


Many people wonder still today, what was the Nintendo Entertainment System?  There are many answers to this question such as, a lifesaver, an 8bit console, one of the best, and sometimes even a sucky console.  The NES could produce 8bit video and stereo sound.  But why would it be considered a lifesaver or the greatest console of all time?  That’s because when the Infamous video game crash of 83 occurred which was caused by too many bad Atari games the video game market was down.  Nintendo fought back about a year later by releasing the NES.  Not to many people had confidence in the console because of the video game crash, but Nintendo had a weapon and its name was Super Mario Bros.  Besides Pac-man and a few other games Super Mario Bros was one of those games that had revolutionized the video game market, even today many people play the game and try to beat high scores.

The NES had some really good times especially with games that could be played over and over again, such as Duck Hunt.  What was Duck Hunt?  When the NES was released it came with the game Mario but on the same cartridge there was Duck Hunt, and in the box of the NES was a Nintendo Zapper.  The zapper was a light gun that worked with detection of light on the screen.  The game was that you are a hunter and one duck fly’s on the screen, you aim with the zapper and pull the trigger, if you miss your hunting dog that chased out the ducks would laugh at you but many people have always wanted to hunt the dog instead of the ducks.  There were also bad times because a company named Tengen was producing bad games, many companies followed because they made money on bad games.  Nintendo had a lawsuit with Tengen.  But in the end Tengen won and was able to produce Nintendo games.  Today it is easy to spot these games because their cartridges are like no other, Tengen has black cartridges.


The main point here is that Nintendo was and is still a great gaming company today, they looked like they were in the clear but a rival was on their backs.



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