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Charles Doepke Backyard Train
rail car rail car
 rail car

Below: sold set

rail car rail car

rail car rail car


Yardbird Toy Train Set. Designed and built by the Doepke Mfg. Company of Rossmoyne Ohio in the late 1950Ős and early 1960's, rolling stock of this set runs on 7-1/2" gauge track. Rolling stock is sturdy enough that children and even adults may ride sitting. This set consists of the following: 1) diesel-outline locomotive, cab number 72, powered by automobile battery, electric meter, and chain drive to rear truck. Basic control panel with forward / stop / reverse switch is provided. 2) "Handcar", where the rider provides the power, by operating hand-cranks connecting to rear truck with sprocket wheel and chain drive. 3) two trailer flat cars; one or both of these may be "coupled" to rear of the pulling unit with the double-ended bar-hooks provided. 4) track set consisting of two switches (one left and one right), ten curved sections (with ties), five straight sections (with ties), one box of screws, lockwashers and nuts to connect track section to one another. 5) 6 strap iron rails (unassembled no ties) 6) 8 inverted-T-sections ten foot long aluminum rails, four- two foot sections and one cast aluminum switch frog. The above information was provided by consignor. This item is sold as is, please view the photo for condition, no returns on this lot. The power unit is powered by an electric motor with a holder for a car type battery on the inside. The motor then drives a belt to the axles.


Below: Super Yardbird with engine Briggs and Straton

rail car    rail car     rail car

Below: Doepke on standard 7.5" gauge track

Below: links
rail car
Life Magazine May 9, 1955
Chain-driven toy railroad for backyards, Yardbird on track by Doepke


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