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Citroen A
The CitroŽn Type A was the first car produced by CitroŽn from June 1919 to December 1921 in Paris. The Type A reached a production number of 24,093 vehicles.

During World War I, Andrť CitroŽn was producing ammunitions. As early as 1917, CitroŽn investigated the development of a light car of the medium range under the direction of Jules Salomon.

Under the designation 10 HP Type A the car had a water-cooled 1327 cc four-cylinder engine and an output of 18 hp. Its maximum speed was 65 km/h (40 mph). The chassis had inverted quarter ellipic springs at the front and double quarter elliptics at the rear. Braking was on the rear wheels only controlled by a hand lever with a foot pedal operated transmission brake.

The chassis was made in two lengths and carried a variety of coachwork. The long chassis was available as Torpedo (4 seat tourer), Torpedo Sport, Conduite Intťrieure, Coupe de Ville and light truck and the short chassis with Torpedo (3 seat), Conduite Intťrieure, Coupe de Ville and camionnette (van).

In its first year of production, the standard Type A cost 7,950 francs. One year later the selling price had been raised 12,500 francs.

With a production rate of 100 vehicles a day, CitroŽn became the first mass production manufacturer in Europe.


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