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Bugatti 52
Type 52 is perhaps better known as the "Baby Bugatti," a 1.3m, half-scale version of the Grand Prix Type 35. The original Type 52 was built for Ettore's 5-year-old son Roland, and it had its debut at the 1927 Milan Automobile Show. By 1930, Bugatti had filled over 150 special orders for Type 52's, which were electric-powered, and had a leather seat and leather straps across the bonnet. Top speed is about 11mph, making the Type 52 officially the Slowest Bugatti Ever.


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bugatti eureka
Modèle longue queue, Longueur 1,60 m, toutes options, débrayage et frein, phares électriques, ailes, Superbe.
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bugatti eureka
Bugatti toy

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