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BMW 3.0CSL 227598? Frank stella



BMW 30 csl 2275980

BMW 30 csl 2275980

BMW 30 csl 2275980



  1. Body:
  2. Color: Frank Stella art work 
  3. 3210ccDOHC Turbo.(750bhp) ???

Factory car


Race: (verify if below belongs to Frank Stella's car)

  1. Dijon France, Manufacturer’s World Championshi. It was to be driven by Ronnie Peterson, a racing driver of international repute, and one of Stella’s friends
  2. June 13th 1975: Le Mans
    1. #41
    2. Driven by: Brian Redman (GB)/Peter Gregg (USA)
      DNS: Hervé Poulain (F); listed, never drove: Harald Grohs (D), Sam Posey (USA), Hughes de Fierlant (B)
    3. did not finish (Oil consumption)
      Grid: 8th (3:53.400)
    4. Group V
    5. Other CSLs racing: #42 Gitane black, #43 2275982, #45 Hermetite, #46 Team Brock
  3. May 9th 1976: Silverstone 6 hours
    1. #1
    2. Driven by Ronnie Petterson (S) / Gunnar Nilsson (S). Listed did not drive: Hans-Joachim Stuck
    3. Did not finish (transmission issue)
    4. Grid: 2nd (1.27.390)
    5. Group V
    6. Sponsor: BMW
    7. Other CSL racing: #2 2275982, #3 Alpina Faltz black, #4  Hermetite  white gold orange black winner


    BMW liked Poulain’s 3.0 CSL so much, the automaker itself commissioned a second Art Car the next year, based again off the race-spec 3.0 CSL. BMW chose to commission American artist (and self-confessed motorsports fan) Frank Stella to tart up the new car.

    Unlike Calder’s striking car, Stella’s CSL was inspired by engineering. The artist described his design as a “blueprint transferred onto the bodywork,” and indeed, the car appeared to sport a graph paper grid pattern on every surface. Stella then painted various shapes atop the grid, including concentric circles on the hood that housed the car’s racing number.

    Once again, the car was taken to France to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans -- but Poulain was nowhere to be seen. This time, the car was fielded by Australian racer Peter Brock, along with Brian Muir, and Jean-Claude Aubriet. The grueling endurance race once again prevailed, and the car retired from the competition early.

    I think this was one of the CSL Turbo cars built to Gp 5 Spec and that it only raced a couple of times. I seem to recall that it was fairly hard on transmissions!

    That is the twin cam 3.5, but I think the Stella car was a repaint of the BMW Motorsport colours car that raced at Dijon and Silverstone and had a 3.2 turbo motor as opposed to the 'ordinary' 3.5

    Just checked - M49/4 turbo, as per above. More than 950 bhp and a melted floor pan






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