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BMW 2000 Touring tii
Alpina 3423293

BMW 2000 2002 touring 3423293

BMW 2000 2002 touring 3423293

BMW 2000 2002 touring 3423293

BMW 2000 2002 touring 3423293

BMW 2000 2002 touring 3423293

BMW 2000 2002 touring 3423293

BMW 2000 2002 touring 3423293

BMW 2000 2002 touring 3423293

Below: pre 2013

BMW 2000 2002 touring 3423293

BMW 2000 2002 touring 3423293



  • HQV 1694

  • RYJ 497

Accepted designations:

  • E6

  • E10

Outside paint:


  • 2019: 83300

  • 2013: 82836


  • Alpina-Borrani bi-metallic rims, model R1/508, ET20

  • Alpina offered two options from recollection, one vented disc, one solid disc. The vented was really a race application I believe. The trailing arms I had were all reinforced exactly as shown in the homologation papers (I need to look if they showed this brake caliper/disc). I believe the rotors were made for Alpina by a firmed called ' Schwabische Huttenwerke Automotive gmbh'. They are still in business today making various automotive parts, just not for '70's bmw's. These rotors look VERY similar to Porsche 914/6 GT rotors, main difference being that the Porsche have a 5 bolt pattern. Never measured up a set of Porsche rotors, however they do look very similar (source marmack on 2002 forum)


2016 to 2019:

Many maintenance and return to stock condition.

2013 to 2016:

The second owner purchased the car in 2013 and has had it serviced and inspected in preparation for sale. Engine #3423293 is original to the car and a recent compression test showed 188, 185, 185, and 183, respectively.

Over the last three years the car has been enjoyed on West Marin backgrounds north of San Francisco for oyster runs and weekend drives. It is sold on a clean California title."

A May 2016 inspection by Bill Arnold BMW Repair found no visible structural rust and rust-free rocker panels. The left frame rail has had either rust or dent repair in the past as shown in the gallery, along with a rust-repair area in the trunk. Many lift shots showing the condition of the underbody are included.

The car has sharp handling despite some worn suspension components and other issues noted in Arnold’s inspection report, which is viewable at the end of the gallery. These include:

All front lower control arm bushings are worn
Ball joints and arms noted as original
Transmission selector shaft and output seals are seeping
Front and rear sway bar end links are worn and rattling
Left control arm is slightly bent – not enough to affect the alignment
Differential pinion and output seals are seeping

In preparation for sale, underhood fuel lines and fuel lines at the fuel pump were replaced. The injection pump timing was verified and the ignition dwell and timing was set at 58 degrees and 25 BTDC @ 2400RPM. The oil was changed and brake fluid flushed and replaced, in addition to new points and condenser.

Showing less than 83,000 original miles, the car still looks very nice and well presented. It is clearly a Bimmer that has been tenderly loved and carefully enjoyed.


1972 to 2013:

This 1972 BMW 2000tii Touring is a documented special-order Alpina-built factory car. The history file is neatly organized in a binder with extensive records from day one including the original Alpina factory sales invoice. Alpina paperwork shows chassis 3423293 is a European market tii Touring factory optioned when new with many special Alpina performance features including a close-ratio dogleg five-speed with 75% locking LSD and 3.9 final drive, ventilated rear disc brakes, Alpina chassis setup with Bilstein suspension, high-ratio steering box, auxiliary VDO gauge cluster, and more detailed below.

While the 2000TII Touring European-spec demostrator carried a base price of only 12,987 deutschmark, the addition of the a full compliment of ALPINA options, plus tinted glass, a sunroof and a 5-speed manual brought the final tab to 19,465.55 deutschmark. For your extra five grand, the good folks at Alpina supplied such goodies as a limited slip differential, Alpina chassis setup with Bilstein suspension, larger Alpina wheels shroud in Pirelli tires, higher ratio steering box, ventilated rear disk brakes adjustable sway bars, and a lowered stance. To the untrained eye, little gave the car away, but it was a true sleeper that could run with cars that cost much more and virtually guaranteed a smile when dropped it onto a twisty road.

The original owner, Mr. Parker of Maryland, enlisted the help of a broker, Phil Dermer, to help him spec the car to his liking, place the order, and handle importation to the United States since the Touring body style was not officially offered here. They decided to keep the standard European specification tii engine unmodified to avoid certification issues upon import. Correspondence and letters back and forth between Parker and Dermer document this process.

The original invoice shows a total price of 19,465.55 deutschmarks. Parker used the car as his daily driver, logging around 82,000 miles behind the wheel before selling it at the 2013 Quail Lodge Bonhams Auction.

Service records indicate regular maintenance combined with a 1992 repaint in the original colors at a cost of over $4,000.

Polaris silver is the original color and the car was last repainted c. 2006. Wheels are original Alpina 13 x 5.5 alloys by Borrani with a full-size spare included in the trunk. “Lowering of car” is a line item on the Alpina Rechnung build sheet along with adjustable front and rear anti-sway bars. There is a secondary Chamonix paint sticker under the hood, though it is not known when or why it was affixed.

The nose appears to be the original unit, while the front fenders appear to have been replaced in the past. Elsewhere the body is straight with shiny paint that has a good metallic luster. The dark gray lower portions show tape lines on the wheel arches and elsewhere.

Underneath the carpeted rear hatch area lies the original Borrani spare and fuel tank. Many original details remain throughout such as the original rear hatch latch, full size spare and jack, and horsehair seats.

Here is the Alpina build sheet. Ventilated rear disc brakes were the most expensive option and a rare sight on 2000/2002s. Over the last three years the car has been driven occasionally as part of a private collection. The seller says it offers serious performance and is very quick and nimble on the road with great brakes, easily outperforming their ’65 Porsche 911 and ’69 Alfa GTV.

The interior is distinguished by a special-order 350mm leather MOMO Alpina steering wheel and dash-mounted VDO gauge cluster with factory auxiliary gauges for water temp, oil temp, and voltage. Both of these are noted on the build sheet.

The manual Golde sunroof opens and closes easily, and heater controls hint that this is a ’72.

The original seat upholstery is in good condition, while the headliner material is also original. The rare rear cargo cover is also present. Total recorded mileage is around 83,000 and the odometer works intermittently, but mileage accumulation over the years is documented through the service history records.

The original 1,990cc inline SOHC four-cylinder is a European-specification engine with Kugelfischer fuel injection and higher compression than US-spec tii models. The seller says this car makes strong power, especially above 4000RPMs. The engine bay is very clean and tidy. The dogleg 5-speed has short throws with a notchy first gear; second gear starts are easy in many situations. Engine stamping #3423293 matches the VIN.

The impressive history file is documenting the car’s authenticity and ownership/maintenance. A note in the file states that the car was treated to a thorough rebuild from 2006-2008, with work carried out by Classic Motor Cars of Reading, PA and Precision Automotive Research. Their work is reported to have included a new pedal box, engine rebuild, and servicing of the fuel injection system. Additionally, the gearbox is said to have been serviced and/or rebuilt by BMW specialist Ray Korman during this time.

While receipts for the aforementioned work are not included, there is a large number of service receipts dating from 1977 up until approximately 2000 mostly from Import Auto Service in Annapolis, MD, a selection of which can be seen above.

Importer by the famous Phil Dermer at Motorcar Technology Ltd

He was also listed a winner in the IMSA TU Category at Texas (with “Ross” Norburn) and Watkins Glen in 1972.

It was also mentioned online that Mr. Dermer and his company, MotorTech, were not always responsible or ethical in their business practices. Apparently, and for reasons unknown, Mr. Dermer also took his own life.

How rare: 7 2002 Touring Alpina cars are believed to have been built (source John Barlow - FB).

  • 01/26/2019: private transaction
  • 09/20/2016: Highest bid $45,000 on bringatrailer. Highest bidder fiminod
  • 2013 at the Bonham’s Auction – it sold  for $ 36,300
  • 2019->: Philip Schram
  • 2016 -> 2019: Garage Aston Martin East Coast, not titled
  • 2013 -> 2016: Garage San Francisco AutoCenter, Howard Swig Alfasz on BAT
  • June 8th 1972 -> 2013:  Brad Parker
  • Delivered on May 18th, 1972 to the BMW dealer Bovensiepen in Buchloe, Germany
  • Manufactured on May 16th, 1972
Reference / Thank you / Credit:…/1972-bmw-2000tii-touring-alpina/
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  • 8->45: bonham
  • 50->174: bat
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