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    Amilcar C6


A special Thank you to Gilles Fournier
who found so many information about Le Zebre
for his Amilcar book. I have read his book during my studies regarding Amilcar and Citroen and I recommend it. One of the best books ever.

Un grand merci a Gilles Fournier
qui a trouve de nombreuses informations sur Le Zebre
a l'occasion de ses recherches sur Amilcar. Je vous recommende son livre que j'ai lu lors de mes recherches sur Amilcar et Le Zebre. 

Vielen Dank Gilles Fournier, der uns zahlreichen Informationen über Le Zebre durch seine Forschungsarbeiten über Amilcar gefunden hat. Ich empfehle Ihnen sein Buch, das ich selbst anläßlich meiner Forschungen über Amilcar und Le Zebre gelesen habe. Frankreich Rest der Welt alte Versionen des Buchs

Livre Amilcar Gilles Fournier Amazon France


Old versions of the book
Anciennes versions du livre
Alte Auflagen des Buchs



About Gilles Fournier
Gilles Fournier bought his first old car at the age of 17. Shortly afterwards, he came across an Amilcar cyclecar and was smitten by the allure of the marque, becoming completely addicted when he first heard the wonderfully beguiling sound of the supercharged twin-cam 1100cc engine of the incomparable six-cylinder Amilcar. He is now researching another Amilcar book.

Courtesy Dalton Watson Fine Books 


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