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Zebre Z                   

    le zebre       le zebre    
            Z106                                 Z236                                    

le zebre     le zebre
             Z412                                          Z433

These Z-10 pics are most interesting. especially in the differences to be noticed among not only these 3, but also with Ricardo’s current, Ian Loader’s & our Z-10s.
1: Z433 has only 1 bank of large bonnet louvres like a very early car of which I have a picture; all others including Ricardo’s personal car have 2 banks of finer louvres.
2: Headlights appear to be all Ducellier except Ricardo’s current, but the mountings differ a lot. The centre car alone is similar to ours: presumably Ducellier stanchions.
3: The 3 Portuguese cars seem to have a radiator mascot – do you know anything of this? It looks like an animal head.
4: The far 2 of the Portuguese cars, ours & Ricardo’s have 4-wheel brakes. Jean Reviel, Loader, Ricardo’s personal car do not.
5: The closest of the Portuguese cars, Ricardo’s current & Reviel’s cars are all left hand drive.
6: The far 2 Portuguese cars have Frenex dampers on the springs, same as ours.
7: I’d guess that these 3 are Série 3 or 4. Do any survive, I wonder?

le zebre

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