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Photo Gallery C8

Overview Produced: 1929-1931, 350 produced. (1929-1930/1930-1931)

Types: Coupe, 2 doors(fixed-head coupe type) Saloon, 4 doors, 4 seats Roadster, 2 doors

[View Picture Gallery]Engines Capacity Config Model Bore/Stroke CR 2330cc S8 OHC 1994cc S8 OHC

Body Type Seats Doors Comment Coupe 2 2 fixed-head coupe type Saloon 4 4 Roadster 2 2



Amilcar C8

Amilcar C8

Amilcar C8 baillon
Amilcar c8 collection Baillon


Amilcar     Amilcar

Amilcar Amilcar





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